drought tolerant

This turf is a unique product that contains a high percentage of rhyzomatous tall fescue. This grass produces rhizomes (an underground stem), that will shoot above the soil surface.

Plant for plant the RTF rhizomes are stronger and more prolific growing than other rhizomatic species such as red fescues. The advantage with RTF is that the roots will travel downwards considerably deeper than their red fescue cousin, giving much stronger dry weather attributes than any other type of grass seed. It therefore follows that leaf colour is more consistant during extremes of weather such as drought. further to this, RTF turf is generally unfussy about soil type.

The prolific growth habit of RTF makes it great for self repairing in all areas where it is utilised and because both water and nutritional requirements are comparatively low, it further makes for an ideal product in both sustainable and environmental situations. It should however be noted that the blades are slightly courser than our ‘Landscape Plus’ grade.

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